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Message from Chancellor

Message from Chancellor

It is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome all students and other members of the USTM family who have joined this University from different parts of the country. This university during its short period of existence has expanded its disciplines to prepare the students to face challenges with the changing needs of society and industry. This has been possible only due to the dedicated effort of the faculty who are quite aware of the changes and developments.

It is a challenge to accommodate and impart quality education to youths of a country with a large population. In view of a limited number of public institutions, private institutions like ours need to be more sensitive to the needs of the growing population. Socio-economic constraints have put a large number of youths at a distance from higher education. Our university is sincerely trying to reduce this gap by bringing special schemes to accommodate this category of students. Inclusivity and quality, we believe, uphold the values of a university.

A vibrant teaching environment in the University is our motto. This can only inspire creative thinking and help develop confidence in students. It is also important to keep pace with the changes of time. Hence the University believed in a dynamic curriculum that always remains relevant. The remarkable growth in higher education in the last few decades and transition towards interdisciplinary studies prompted us to enter into collaboration with many institutions and industries so that our students are updated with contemporary knowledge and skill. Further innovative programs like BA (Administrative Service) helped the students to have a strong foundation for leadership and governance in the country.

New knowledge cannot come without research. Hence, we are committed to creating a research environment in the University for a better future.

Once again, I welcome all those who would like to make USTM their destination for higher education, teaching, and research.

Mahbubul Hoque


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