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Coaching & Guidance

Coaching & Guidance

Centre for Career Guidance(CCG)

The University shall function as a centre of disseminating and imparting the highest standards of education to the students that are both holistic and relevant. This didactic apparatus shall be executed through a duality of modes: career guidance and counseling. The twin prongs of educational conditioning shall act as a fulcrum to render necessary skills and orientation besides realizing the objective of outcome centric educational process.

The Career Guidance and Counseling Operations at the USTM have been an integral part of its academic vision and implementation. Since its inception, the University has sought to incorporate the best practices and agendas to realize the dual objective of providing necessary direction and training to enhance and secure the future of its students and at the same time, provide the necessary counseling to the students as an enabling and assistive factor to make the right choices based on right aptitude, right assessment, and right profiling.

This is done in a synergistic manner through close association with the academic departments and faculty, university administration, support and inputs from external experts, and of course, feedback and involvement of the students.

The outcome is a robust symbiotic system that secures and thrives on the active support and participation of all the stakeholders to ensure the spirit of Kaizen i.e. constant improvement. The following units under this center function in their respective focus areas

Counseling and Guidance Cell – Counseling Activities which include pre-admission counseling and post-admission counseling for academic progression and career-related guidance.

Training and Placement Division – T&P activities include pre-placement training, placement opportunity creation, coordination with employers, and arranging campus placement drives.

University Finishing School – UFS’s focus is primarily on the personality development and orientation of the students to enable them to face the challenging world of employment.

Centre for Competitive Examination(CCE)

There is no dearth of intelligent students with potential in the North East. But the success rate of IAS and other Civil Service aspirants from the region has been very low. A few aspirants, who make it to IAS occasionally, normally take coaching in Delhi and other metros of the country at considerable cost. As a result, the share of representation of the North East region in the governance of the nation is very low. Keeping this in view, the Centre for Competitive Examination (CCE), USTM was formulated way back in 2012 and now exists as a separate entity. CCE has the following operating units, namely –

  • NET Forum
  • GATE Forum
  • Competitive Examination Cell (Allied)

In addition to this the other two ambitious initiatives of CCE are –

NET Forum is imparting free mentoring for National Eligibility Test (NET) and GATE Forum for GATE. Competitive Examination Cell (Allied) guides and mentors the aspirants for Banking & other govt and public sector allied services for the students of USTM. The centre had successfully taken its steps in the right direction to produce successful candidates, whereby many of our students have qualified NET, GATE, and other allied services examinations

Further, CCE, USTM in collaboration with ERD Foundation, has also started a mentoring centre named, Vision 50 for mentoring and guidance in Guwahati, where students from all over the region aspiring for civil services are pursuing. In 2018 several of our students had cracked Assam Civil Services Examination and out of them, one student has topped the merit list.

HOQUE 20 & BAAG initiatives for IAS aspirants:

USTM has implemented a scheme for Civil Services Examination Mentoring titled “HOQUE 20”. The scheme is conceptualized by Mr. Mahbubul Hoque, Chairman, ERD Foundation, and Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya. Under the scheme, 20 brilliant undergraduate students in their first year, mainly from underprivileged rural families from North East get nurtured, motivated, inspired, and guided by Mr. Hoque all through their undergraduate studies so that at the end of their undergraduate course, they can compete successfully in All India Civil Services Examination and realize their dreams.

Mr. Hoque has the vision of convulsing the North East with successful IAS aspirants. Keeping this in mind a degree program BAAG(Bachelor of Arts in Administration and Governance) has been started wherein the students who are civil service aspirants will study the relevant subjects and prepare for the civil service examinations while graduating at the same time. This will save valuable time in the student’s career and can focus on the goal without any distractions. This unit of CCE facilitates the program with intervention by experts and enriches the program.

The vast potentials of the North East remain unexplored to date leading to underdevelopment of the region mainly because of the absence of talents from this region in the decision-making process at the various levels of Central and State Governments. With the success of “HOQUE 20” and “BAAG”, the NE region is expected to overcome this gap, and necessary developmental activities would take place with the right spirit.

Vision 50:
Keeping this spirit going, ERD Foundation – the parent organization of USTM, has come up with a comprehensive mentoring and Guidance initiative Vision 50, a mentoring academy. The focus is on mentoring for JEE, NEET, and Civil Services under one roof wherein top 50 talents shall be identified for free mentoring and guidance to succeed in the entrance examinations. The complete study shall be conducted online by reputed and qualified mentors who have a glorious track record of guiding the aspirants.

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