Department of Library & Information Sciences


Academic Focus:

Library and Information Science deals with categorizations of information and a scientific study into the different discourses relating to knowledge management and creating a knowledge based society based on ICT applications & sound philosophy of  knowledge acquisition and application for the betterment of the society  So, in this regard the department tries to make the society educated formally and informally through the classroom method by training young professionals and also help in the continuing education as well as adult education programme in the context of North Eastern region of India. The Department is to provide excellence in education, preparing leaders for a diverse, highly technological, information-based global society; to engage in research and creative activities that generate new knowledge and applications for effective practice and that foster interdisciplinary approaches to address information challenges; and to meet the complex information needs of society through public and professional service.Thrust areas of research in the Department are IT Application to Libraries, Collection Development Policy, Human Resource Management, Information Seeking Behaviour, Social Media etc.