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Department of Applied Biology


Academic Focus:


Biotechnology is an amalgamation of the concepts of Biological Sciences with Engineering and Technology that utilizes living cells and cellular materials to create products to benefit society. Biotechnology is rapidly gearing for the tremendous growth that lies ahead and globally, Biotechnology is currently one of the top fields (like big data, machine learning and renewable energy).

Biotechnology programs focuses on the utilization of biological systems to provide more benefits to mankind by improving their quality. Students are subjected to understand the basis of living system and how a technical approach in this regard can help in modifying these biological system or their by products, aiming at betterment of human life and the biosphere. The biotechnologists have a plethora of excellent career opportunities after completion of their master’s program as it is research oriented. Various molecular biology kits and tools used in this area are being used to diagnose severe ailments. Among such are DNA/RNA isolation kit, ELISA, reverse transcription PCR machine (RT-PCR), etc. Successful completion of the programme provide the opportunity to go ahead for higher studies for understanding the subjects in a better way or to go for jobs in government sector as well as private sector in various fields such as Bio-pharma, Bio-services, Bio-agriculture, Bio-industry, and Bio-informatics. Biotechnology with its immense growth potential and talent pool, will continue to play a significant role as an innovative manufacturing hub. At present the department is offering BSc Biotechnology, MSc Biotechnology and Ph.D programmes.


A variety of program options for degrees and internships based on students interest in various clinical laboratories and Industries are available within the academic curriculum. It also provides our majors a wide range of laboratory experiences with sophisticated laboratory facilities.Microbiologists are needed to do the research required for the future battle against infectious diseases worldwide, understanding the environmental importance of microbes and to exploit them for food production, biotechnological and industrial applications

The Department offers a wide range of academic opportunities. The curriculum provides opportunities to specialize in a variety of branches  of Microbiology including Biomedical Science, Microbial Ecology, Genetics & Bioinformatics, and Cellular & Molecular Biology. These degree options provide an excellent foundation for careers in microbiology, yet allow students to select courses that complement their interests.The main focus of the department is to equip the students with skills and trainings required to work in industries, government research centers  and medical departments. The department provides the students with skills of various field agriculture, environment, biotechnologies, pharmaceutical, genetics & bioinformatics. At present the department is offering BSc Microbiology and MSc Microbiology programmes.

Food Science and Technology:

B.Sc. Food Science and Technology program is sponsored by Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Govt. of India through infrastructure grant.

This program offers following General Education Components which include communication skill, computer fundamental, Environment Science & Management etc. Whereas Skill Development Components includes food chemistry, food microbiology and food biotechnology, biochemistry and nutrition, processing technology of fruits & vegetables, cereals, legumes, oil seeds, beverage, plantation crops and spices, meat, fish and poultry, milk and milk products, bakery and confectionary technology. Food analysis, food safety, regulations and quality management, business management and entrepreneurship, special implant training, seminar and project etc.At present the department is offering BSc Food Science and Technology programme.

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