Vistas de Society

Vistas de Society

Volume: 1

Issue: Number 1,January-July,2016

Title: Vistas de Society, Vistas de Society,Journal of the School of Social Sciences & Humanities ,USTM.

Editorial Board 

Article Name Authors Pages
Inclusion or Exclusion: A Case Study of primitive Jarawa tribe of Andaman Islands-The social justice issue U Kumar,B P Sahu & B I Laskar 1-15 View 
Understanding the Dynamics of Exclusion from the perspectives of Emergency Disaster Response F A Manik Shah & M Ali 16-26 View 
An Insight into Socially Excluded Groups in India through Gender and Social Exclusion Indicators S Sarmah 27-37 View 
Social Exclusion and Rural Health Infrastructure with special reference to Women’s Health Care: An Empirical Study on Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya P Dutta & M Y Humtsoe 38-54 View 
Reproductive Health : A Study of Awareness among Scheduled Caste Women of Silchar town in Assam R Shahani & K Choudhury 55-62 View 
Students’ Attitudes toward Mental Illness J Mahanta 63-69 View 
Dynamics of Health Care Sevices in Reru Village of Arunachal Pradesh B I Laskar & Diyu Rima 70-83 View 
A Correlational study between socio-economic status and occupational aspiration of the Tiwa Tribe of Assam N Bhagabati & S Baruah 84-92 View 
‘Girl Power’, ‘ New Femininities’ and Women’s Attitudes to Balancing Work and Family: A Study of Indian Women Pursuing Higher Education in India R Sarma 93-115 View 
Academic Achievement and Socio-Economic Status of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Students: A Case Study of Lakhimpur District, Assam A Chaliha & T Bhuyan 116-124 View 
Social Exclusion Relating to Higher Education in India S Ahmed & M R Choudhury 125-132 View 
Welfare Facilities of the Tea Garden labourers- A Comparative Study of the Daisajan & Khobong Tea Estates of Tinsukia District M J Konwar 133-142 View 
The Identity Discourse in Assam R R Das 143-150 View 
Who Needs a Re-Invented Shakespeare? B Choudhury 151-155 View 
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