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Staff Welfare

Staff Welfare


To promote a harmonious working environment that brings in a qualitative change in the lives of the people working for the university. Healthy organizational environment is necessary to enable employees to perform their functions productively towards achieving organizational goals. Good working environment results in harmonious working relationship between the Management and employees.

Directorate of Welfare:

Directorate of Welfare is for providing the pleasant working conditions, comfortable living and puts its efforts to make life worth living for the employees of the University. Employees are the most important asset of an institution and it has to assess and record the value and cost of people of the University. Directorate feels that the value of human assets can be increased substantially by making investment in their training and welfare activities in the same way as the value of repairs/overhauling, etc.

USTM is having a great effective performance oriented Welfare Policy for the teaching as well as non-teaching staff and management deals with them as an unified family working towards a common goal.


Objectives of the Policy:

  • To provide better physical and mental health to faculty members and non-teaching staff and thus promote a healthy work environment
  • Facilities like timely promotions, residences, medical facilities, and education and recreation facilities, help in raising their standards of living. This makes faculty members and non-teaching staff to pay more attention towards work and thus increases their productivity.
  • Employers get stable work force by providing welfare facilities. Workers take active interest in their jobs and work with a feeling of involvement and participation.
  • The social evils prevalent among the employees are reduced to a greater extent by the welfare policies.


  • Annual and special incentives based on performance for the staff.
  • Special Increments are given as reward & motivate on award of PhD and higher degrees.
  • Cash incentives on coming up with publications, which keeps the other members also motivated.
  • Annual increments on emoluments based on the appraisal system

Leave Policy:

We have a convenient leave policy for the benefit of all the staff members.

Personal and Professional Development:

  • Our teaching and non-teaching staffs are given support &opportunity for further higher studies.
  • Reduced workload is ensured for the staff during their PhD programs.
  • Research fellowship amount is given to the selected in house research scholars.
  • Research scholars are given partial fees waiver to facilitate and incentivize the research.
  • Annual felicitation ceremony organised every year awarding, honouring, celebrating the contribution and success of each and every faculty and staff member of the University.
  • Specific need based personal and professional development programmes every semester are organised with known experts in their respective fields.

Financial Support:

  • Community bank in the campus to facilitate exigency loan facility for the staff and students.
  • Interest free Car, house, marriage and personal loan facility provided for all the permanent staff members depending on merit of the requirement.
  • Extraordinary loan for any urgent financial need on case to case basis.

Occupational Health, Safety and Well-Being:

  • University health centre to render day care medical services.
  • Yoga clinics are conducted for health and relaxation techniques.
  • The University implements the ESI (Employees’ State Insurance)/ EPF (Employee Provident Fund) as per mandate for eligible teaching & non-teaching staff.
  • University strives to prevent work-related illness and occupational diseases as well as to ensure good ergonomics at the workplace.

Rest Rooms

  • Adequate number of restrooms and toilet facilities are provided in the factory.


Medical Check-up

  • For all staff above 40 years of age, university sponsored comprehensive health check-ups is arranged, once in two years.


Welfare Endowment

Welfare Endowment is formed with Rupees 50 Lakh to support the staff members in respect of the following:

  • For meeting the expenses incurred in India towards any major disease/surgery, in a recognized hospital.
  • In case of death of a staff member while in service, towards death relief to his / her family Each staff member, will contribute a sum of Rs.100/-(Rupees one hundred only) every month, or such sum decided by the committee from time to time, and the same will be deducted from the salary paid. The committee will decide upon the amount to be reimbursed, on a case-to case basis for treatment for Self and dependents subject to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh during the service period of the staff.

Advance /Interest free Loan

The Advance / Loan facility is available to meet urgent medical expenses for self & dependent family members / marriage / education of children.

Staff Tour / Picnic

University believes that, employees need to relax amidst their busy work schedule. In this regard, the employees are allowed to organize tour / picnic programme once in every year based on certain term & condition. These programmes serve as a platform for the employees to develop a pleasant relationship among themselves.

Campus Infrastructure:

  • Our sprawling campus is clean, green & pollution free with more than 50% green cover.
  • Accommodation facility for staffs’ is available on requirement.
  • World class auditorium available for cultural events.
  • Gymnasium and playgrounds are available.
  • City to campus shuttle transport facilities made available.
  • Every department has been given access to tea and coffee facilities.
  • The staffs have been given well maintained and individual work stations.
  • The University has an amenity centre with daily use items and food stuff available at subsidised rate.

Free education to wards of staff members:

Free education are provided for the children of need staff at University & also offering school fee to the children of operational staff studying in other institution.



  • Compassionate appointment to wards of staff members if found eligible

USTM strongly believes in the welfare of all the staff members, which results in the staff delivering their best for the university and also gives them a sense of belongingness

Annual Function:

Annual celebration will be organised by Directorate welfare inviting all the family members of university staff & various competition will be held among the children of the staff members to established familiarity & family bonding

Felicitation & Award

Performer Staff will be felicitated recognized & children of the staff who have done excellent in their examination will also be rewarded.

Annual Report & Meeting

Director welfare will compile the annual activity report & presented in the annual meeting.

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