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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

1. USTM reserves the right to refuse/cancel the booking of the Auditorium at any time to any party without assigning any reason whatsoever.

2. USTM management reserves its right to evict/remove any person/ guest /invitee of the organizers /Booking Party, if it is established that organisation’s persons are misbehaving or indulging in any activity which is in violation of rules and regulations of USTM or detrimental to the interests and reputation of USTM. Further, if the same is illegal / unlawful / or prohibited by law or indecent.

3. Smoking or alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere within the premises of Central Auditorium nor are any food articles, weapons, bottles, briefcases, tiffin boxes allowed in the Auditorium. The Management will levy a fine for such violation and may stop the show, if so needed. Backpacks may be allowed only to carry study materials or copies.

4. Posters / banners / publicity material is allowed to be displayed only at the specified places provided for the purpose.

5. USTM will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of property of the booking party or cancellation of programme due to failure of Electricity or any equipment or any riot, strike, natural calamities. Any damage to Central Auditorium property during the booking period is payable by the booking party.

6. No outside equipment for lighting and Sound System is allowed at Central Auditorium (USTM). Nor any stage sets are allowed on the stage or anywhere else.

7. USTM shall not be responsible / or liable for any loss or damage or injury of any kind to artists, organizer, guests or invitees or third party caused by any reason.

8. USTM reserves the right to alter and modify the above rules and regulations as well as booking charges at any time.

9. It is confirmed by organiser/ applicant herewith that all programme, will be within the norms of law and norms of “good moral conduct”. No programme which offends general public sentiment or sentiments of any particular group will be allowed. In such event the USTM Management too has sole discretion to cancel the show. There will be no copyright violation and party will be alone liable for consequences.

10. Final charges will be levied at actual as per prevailing rates on show dates as per actual utilization of facilities. Any damage to the Auditorium property will be charged on actual at the time of billing and this will be binding on the Booking Party. Rates will be pro rata and USTM will charge for excess usage. USTM staff verbally informing the Booking Party for unauthorized excess will be considered adequate for taking deduction from the security deposit.

11. The booking party will be solely responsible for any loss / damage to any property brought for the performance or kept in the Auditorium premises. In the event of the booking of the booking party bringing in any equipment or items into the Auditorium, they shall be fully responsible for all safety, other legal / statutory requirements, third party risks, etc and the Management stands indemnified against all such risks. Any equipment brought in will need to be pre-approved in writing by USTM Management.

12. The Booking Party shall ensure that all persons brought in by them to carry out the performance including any stage workers, Sound / light operators / technician / helpers etc. fully meet the legal and statutory requirement. The Booking Party shall also be responsible for their safety, discipline etc. USTM Management stands indemnified for any claim including third party risk which may arise on account of any injury or otherwise.

13. Booking is non-transferable.

14. Any additions or amendments to the Terms & Conditions or the Rules and Regulations made by the Management from time to time will be binding on the party booking the Auditorium. The decision of the Management in the interpretation of the term and conditions is final and binding.

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