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Research Guides

List of Research Guides for Prof Qoumrul Hoque School of Education (2021 B Batch)

Sl No Name of the Course Discipline Specialization
1 Dr. Jonali Chetia
E-mail: jonali_c@yahoo.com
Education Education-Teacher Effectiveness and Impact on Student’s Achievement
2 Dr. Saru Joshi
E-mail: sarujoshi2013@gmail.com
Education Education – Sociology, Psychology
3 Dr. Kunja Kusum Kakati
Ph. No: 8822524785
E-Mail: kakotikunjakusum@gmail.com
Education School Education and Child Psychology
4 Dr. Md. Delowar Hussain
Ph. No: 8638972615
E-Mail: delowarsify@gmail.com
Education Elementary Education
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