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Ph.D. Chemistry:
The department of chemistry, USTM offers research opportunities in the following broad areas:
-Computational Quantum Chemistry
-Chemistry of Nanomaterials
-Coordination Chemistry
-Green and Environmental Chemistry
-Materials Chemistry
-Physical Chemistry
-Polymer Chemistry
-Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Thrust Area:
A. Inorganic Chemistry: (i) Coordination chemistry (ii) Synthetic and structural inorganic chemistry (iii) mesoporous materials & applications (xii) nanocomposites & application.
B. Organic Chemistry: (i) Catalysis (II) Chemistry of heterocycles (ii) Photochemical transformations (viii) Chemistry of natural products.
C. Physical Chemistry: (i) Surfactants (ii) Kinetics & Reaction mechanism (iii) Natural fiber & polymer-based composites (iv) polymeric hydrogel & applications (v) Computational Biophysics/Biochemistry

On Going Research Projects:
1) ‘‘Synthesis of Reusable Metal-free Photocatalysts for Visible Light Aided Generation of Benzyne Intermediate: A Key Route of CC & C-hetero-atom Bond Formation’’ funded by SERB DST under the SRG, 2019.
2) ‘‘Study on Structure, Folding and Membrane Interaction of Radially Amphiphilic Antimicrobial Peptide Using State-of-the-art Computer Simulation Techniques’’ funded by SERB DST under the SRG, 2020

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