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MSc Zoology


About the Programme:

The Program M.Sc. Zoology help students to gain knowledge and skill in the fundamentals of animal science as well as to understand the complex interactions among various living organisms. It analyse complex interactions and their critical evaluation among and within various groups of animal phyla, their distribution and relationship with the environment and its application of knowledge on the internal structure of cell, its functions in control of various metabolic functions of organism. The subject enables one to correlate the physiological processes of animals and relationship of various organ systems. It also enriches the understanding about the complex evolutionary processes and behaviour of animals, environmental role in conservation processes and its significance, pollution control, biodiversity and the protection of endangered species. The subject augment a wide knowledge about various concepts of genetics, molecular biology leading to quantification of biological events and its importance in human health. It also plays a crucial role in developing  entrepreneurial skill on Agro based Small Scale industries like Sericulture, Lac culture, Fish culture and farming, Pearl culture etc. The practical application of zoological knowledge to one’s own life and work, develop empathy and commit to professional ethics; generates awareness against cruelty and unnecessary killing of animals and sensitize students in particular and society in general on the conservation of animals and habitat protection.

Duration: 2 Years
Eligibility: Graduate in Zoology/ Biochemistry/Life sciences with 45% marks in aggregate (5% relaxation for reserved categories)
Fee Structure:
Admission Fee : Rs. 38,000.00
Tuition Fee per Semester : Rs. 48,000.00

Course Structure:                                                           

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