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University School of Law and Research (USLR) established Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies exclusively for the One Year LL.M. Programme as per the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission for the One Year LL.M. Programme. USLR offers One-Year LL.M. Degree programme in three distinct and separate branches of specialization:

i. Corporate and Commercial Laws
ii. Constitutional and Administrative Law
iii. Criminal and Security Law

The LL.M. program, with its credit-based course work and emphasis on research, blends both intensive and extensive approaches to knowledge wherein the students are encouraged to engage with a variety of fields extensively and gain intensive knowledge in their areas of choice and interest. The pedagogy emphasizes the spirit of inquiry, exploration across fields and disciplines, awareness about the interrelatedness of different fields of study, and the art and techniques of the pursuit of knowledge and the gaining of expertise. By weaving together theory and praxis in their education, students enhance their academic expertise, which paves the way to careers in teaching and research; they also master the abilities that equip them to be ethical and successful lawyers. The students are guided have a perspective beyond narrow materialistic confines of the profession; they develop an ethical insight founded on justice and fairness into their profession, which informs their career choices and conduct as professionals.

Program Outcomes:
1. Corporate and Commercial Laws: Businesses and the laws related to it find its presence in all spheres of life. With the emphasis by the Government, the course would be benefit future entrepreneurs, individuals looking for a career as consultants and prepare them to be leaders in the commercial world. There are endless career options for individuals who wish to pursue this program.
2. Constitutional and Administrative Law: The legal validity of any law is only tested from the lens of one supreme document i.e. the constitution. A sound understanding of the intricacies of the constitution goes a long way in a successful professional career in the legal fraternity. Therefore this program will provide the students with a unique ability to navigate the endless scope of the legal field.
3. Criminal and Security Law: The more technology which has been developed, the easier it has become for the commission of crimes, for this reason, the criminal and security specialisation allows students to effectively develop the scope of law of crimes and engage with the world to provide real-time solutions in the scope of this field. The program will produce highly trained experts in traditional crimes and also cyber crimes.

Duration: 1 year
Eligibility : Any Law graduate with at least 50% marks in aggregate (5% relaxation for reserved categories).
Course fee :
Admission fee : Rs. 38,000/-
Tuition fee per semester: Rs. 35,000/-

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