Library & Information Sciences

Library & Information Sciences

Academic Focus:

Libraries are the backbone of any developed society. It is said that “the nation who reads, is the nation that leads”. This statement is true for the development of any society and Library Science is a systematic process of organizing and maintaining books, magazines and journals. Library science deals with categorizations of knowledge and information. So, in this regard the department tries to make the society educated formally and informally through the classroom method by training young professionals and also help in the continuing education as well as adult education programme. Public Administration is a crucial sector for any country. A developed or developing country needs administrative officers to run various branches of administration in an efficient way. The discipline of Public Administration being inter-disciplinary equips one to do this. Theories and concepts of Public Administration have been drawn from other disciplines of social sciences like economics, political science, management, law, sociology and psychology with an objective of educating the students to be eventually capable of working in various sectors of public life. Emphasis is also on field trips, workshops and seminars for wider and practical exposure on the subject-matter. Moreover students aspiring for competitive examinations like UPSC will be given coaching opportunities by the Department.

Career Scope:

There are lots of career opportunities available for library science professionals and Librarianship as a profession provides a variety of employment opportunities. • Trained library professionals can find opportunities for employment both as teacher and as a Librarian. Qualified librarians in this field can seek employment in academic institutions, schools, government and public libraries, news and broadcasting agencies, universities and in private libraries. • Career aspirants, on successful completion of the course can secure jobs as administrators, budget analysts or executives in both NGOs and local government bodies. Aspirants can opt for job prospects in government sectors both Central and State Service Commissions. Professionals with doctorate degree can join in administrative management sector, teaching, industrial sector, personnel management sector and social service sectors as well. • In Librarianship, designations could be Librarian, Documentation Officer, Assistant Librarian, Deputy Librarian, Scientist (Library Science/ Documentation), Library and Information Officer, Knowledge Manager/ Officer, Information Executive, Director/Head of Library Services, Information Officer, and Information Analyst. Job Opportunities : • In School, College, Universities; • In Central Government Libraries. • In the training centers of banks. • In National Museum and Archives; • In NGOs working in different areas. • In R&D Centre like ICAR, CSIR, DRDO, ICSSR, ICHR, ICMR, ICFRE, etc. • In Business Houses. • In Foreign Embassies and High Commissions. • In International Centers like WHO, UNESCO, UNO, World Bank etc. • In the libraries of Ministries and other government departments. • In National Level Documentation Centers. • In Library Networks. • In the newspaper libraries. • In News Channels. • In the Libraries of Radio Stations. • In the Databases provider firms. • In publishing companies for preparing Index, abstracts, bibliographies etc. • In various digital library projects like ‘Digital Library of India’ etc. • In Training Academies.