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Academic Focus:

Rule of law is the basic norm of a democratic society. Law as a discipline of study is emerging in both quality and quantity in India. Today National Law Schools in India are serving as platform for quality education in law with continuous effort to further develop and enhance the same. In order to cater to the increasing number of students in this field which one Law School of the region fails to meet this University took humble initiative without compromising the quality. Law is a multidisciplinary subject. Law is inalienable from arts as well as science and technology. Hence law governs the society, the druggist or the digital- world. Various specializations can be obtained in Law like specialization in the Constitution, in Criminal Law, Business Law etc. The University of Science and Technology has undertaken this humble initiative to impart specialized education in various legal disciplines from the session 2015-2016.

Career Scope:

There are immense potentialities for law graduates in the country as well as abroad. Apart from enrolling as an advocate in the District Courts, the High Courts or the Supreme Court, one can choose to become a Judicial Magistrate by clarifying competitive exams or a judge later. There is scope also to serve as Legal Officers in various departments of the government as well as Non-Government institutions. Human rights activists have place in the country as well as abroad including the United Nations in various capacities. Master degree holders holders in law can pursue Research in the field and become a faculty in various governmental and Non-governmental Institutions. Job Opportunities : 1) Law firm (Associate) 2) MNC (Legal officer) 3) Govt Agency 4) Judicial Exams 5) Bank, Legal dept. 6) Litigation 7) LPO


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