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Health Care

Health Care

University Health Centre of USTM provides health care services to students, faculty and staff and dependents of the University. The Health Centre at present operates under the supervision of a Medical officer, Dr. Jeetamoni Bordoloi (CMO). The medical staff consists of a Pharmacist and a staff Nurse. The Health Centre offers general OPD services and initial care of emergency cases. The Out-Patient Department (OPD) functions from 10.00am. to 3.30pm on all University working days. In case of serious cases the patients are referred to our tie-up hospitals in Guwahati City. The patients are ferried to the specialized medical center in our dedicated ambulance service. An in house Pharmacy is also available in the campus for all kinds of medicine requirements.


USTM have 24×7 ambulance service and other vehicles for urgent situations. The ambulance is fully equipped with appropriate medical equipment, medication, and stretchers to carry the ill or injured. The emergency vehicles at the university are intended for the benefit of the students and staff members.

Highlights of the ambulance service

  • Quick and safe transportation
  • Immediate medical assistance
  • Equipped with all necessary medical equipment and medicines
  • On-call availability
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