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Flexible Graduate and Post Graduate Courses at USTM for Sports & Cultural Talents

Flexible Graduate and Post Graduate Courses at USTM for Sports & Cultural Talents

With the objective of promoting sports & cultural talents from the North East region, the University of Science & Technology Meghalaya has introduced an all-new revolutionary curriculum.

Courses are designed and provided both at the Graduate and Post Graduate level keeping in mind the required flexibility of time and course content for such students. Attending classes or sitting for examinations are also taken care of by looking into the convenience of competing sports and cultural activities.

Who can join?
Students who are excelling in various sports & cultural activities with a good track record can come and join this course.

What is Flexibility?
Students need not go through the regular courses that are meant for general students. They can take this rather flexible and relevant course that matches their requirements.

Students can go to join various District/State/National/International level sports & cultural competitions & events at whatever time such competitions are scheduled. If dates of the competitions clash with exam schedule of the student at the University, special exams would be arranged for those competing sports persons viewing their convenient time.

Special classes may be arranged for those who miss important classes due to sports competitions.

Students do not have to pay any admission fee or tuition fee, and they can even stay in the university campus by availing free food and lodging facility.

It is a full time course, and not a distance learning one.

Course Structure
In simple terms, the course structure is like this:

  • 50% score will be accounted from students’ performance in various sports & cultural competitions
  • 50% score will be based on the performance of students in their academic curriculum
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