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Department of Computer Science & Electronics


Academic Focus:

The Department of Computer Science & Electronics (CSE) has been established in the year 2012 and offering various professional courses in the field of Computer Science & Electronics. The department is awarding degree of Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA), Master of Complication Application (MCA), Bachelors of Science in Electronics (B.Sc. Electronics) and Master of Science in Electronics (M.Sc.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD). The department has given more emphasis on latest development of Computing Technology and Programming languages. The main focus of the department is to providing platform for IT tools development in the relevant area and providing a better scope to the students for acquiring sustainable education. Students will be able to have an analytical knowledge of the design and implementation of devices and software; detailed knowledge in literature, planning and articulating data. Researcher are expected to develop the ability to evaluate current research techniques and methodologies, skills of presenting their research findings and impart their knowledge in general, developed trouble shooting skills, modeling skills, and empowering calibration skills of different sophisticated instruments.

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