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BSc Immunology & Serology

BSc Immunology & Serology

About B.Sc Immunology &Serology :
B.Sc Immunology & Serology is an undergraduate degree programme and it is an allied course of medical science. The three years degree programme is about the study of various characteristics of the immune system of animals and human beings. The course focuses on the study of the immune system to improvise health and fight against diseases. A candidate will study the physical, biological and chemical processes going on the human body. B.Sc Immunology & Serology is more about research and practical concepts than theory. The course finds in implantation in various aspects of medical science like organ transplantation, psychology, the digestive system, nutrition,physiology, ability of the body to fight against a virus, germ, bacteria etc. The main purpose of research work under this specialization is to improve the health system of the human being. The graduates has scope in the field of drugs and vaccine development, nutrition and human health and also in ongoing research efforts in immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer treatments and vaccines for emerging pathogens, such as Ebola, Covid, SARS etc

Course overview:

  • Understand how the immune system protects us and how it can go wrong and cause disease, as in autoimmune conditions and allergies.
  • Learn about ways the immune system can be used to prevent disease and to promote better clinical outcomes, as in vaccines and in situations of transplantation and cancer therapy.
  • This degree will specially focus on the study of our immune system viz a viz Biological sciences combined with Naturopathy and Physical Therapy like yoga etc.

Career Options and Job Prospects:

The scope and future of B.Sc Immunology are vast. Immunology graduates can get employment in government and private research institutes, hospitals, healthcare centres and laboratories. Some of the job roles after Immunology course are as follows:

  • Immunologist
  • Therapist
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Health consultants
  • Lecturer
  • Cytotechnologists
  • Researcher

The transferable skills you gain from this course will not only prepare you for a career in science but also areas such as finance, management, marketing, sales, business and media.

Duration: 3 Years
Eligibility: HS/(10+2) Science with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects with minimum 45 % marks in aggregate ( 5% relaxation for Reserved Categories).
Fee Structure:
Admission Fee : Rs. 40,000.00
Tuition Fee per Semester : Rs. 50,000.00

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