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Volume: 1

Issue: Number 1,September-2016

Title: Binary+, Binary+, Journal of the School of Engineering & Technology, USTM.

Editorial Board 

Article Name Authors Pages
A Short Survey Report on Application of Traveling Salesman Problem Kanak Chandra Bora 1-7 View 
Poly Acrylic Acid Capped Gold Nanoparticles for Heavy Metal Sensing in Water Sandhya B. D. Borah, Waleed Soliman, Sunandan Baruah 8-15 View 
Design and Characterization of a 2 MHz Loop Antenna for its Application in Radio Emission Investigation of High Energy Showers Pranjal Borah, Rubul Saikia 16-20 View 
Design of Flexible Microwave Absorber based on Expanded Graphite-LLDPE Composite for X-Band Application Rima Kalita, Jyoti Prasad Gogoi, Nidhi S. Bhattacharyya 21-26 View 
Barium Strontium Hexa-Ferrite-LLDPE Composite Based Microwave Absorber Priyakshi Bordoloi,Jyoti Prasad Gogoi, Nidhi S. Bhattacharyya 27-30 View 
Analysis of Security Issuse in Cloud Computing Kandarpa Kalita, Nilim Jyoti Gogoi 31-35 View 
Predicting Links in Social Network Krishna Das, Smriti K. Sinha 36-40 View 
Design optimization of triple layer Microwave Absorber based on Expanded Graphite-Phenolic Resin Composites for X-band Application Jyoti Prasad Gogoi, Anup Bordoloi, Nidhi Saxena Bhattacharyya 41-47 View 
Utilizing Mobile Phone Users information for Urban Traffic Planning-a study of Guwahati City Mukta Ranjan Singha 48-54 View 
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