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BA Psychology


The Bachelor of Psychology (BPY) program consists of a basic set of required courses, augmented by courses relevant to particular specializations, and elective courses appropriate for various academic and competitive exam related to career prospects. The programe attempts to impart a thorough knowledge on encompassing the study of the human mind and behavior. It is an interdisciplinary understanding of the biological structure of the human mind, its behaviors, as well as cognitive based-psychology.

Aims and Objectives of BA Psychology curriculum:
The programme aims to encourage the students with the basic knowledge of the field of Psychology, emphasizing on the daily life applications of it. It tends to give the concept of individual differences with a thrive to promote an understanding of self, self-reflection and others, with topics like Intelligence and Personality. It is constituted of different concepts encompassing the study of the influence of behavior, environment and the cognition on the bodily system. Along with this, it elucidates students about the basis of experience and behavior and neurobiological and psychological functions and dysfunctions with topics like: The Function of Brain, Introduction to Biopsychology, Endocrine System, and Organization of Nervous System. The programme also provides a basic introduction regarding the development of Psychological theories carried out both from Indian as well as western perspective. It also introduces students with the history of different school of thoughts that have developed under the domain of Psychology.

Undergraduate Research:
The programme offers various courses in the bachelor’s degree level emphasizing with the applicability in the current state of the society and its impact on individuals mental aspect. In this programme the students basically go for field visits and internships in Clinical, Counseling and Organizational behavior settings thus making them more aware of the practical world and boosting them to observe and explore in a pragmatic manner.

3 Years

HS (10+2) in any stream with 45% marks in aggregate (5% relaxation for reserved categories)

Fee Structure:
Admission Fee : Rs. 33,000.00
Tuition Fee per Semester : Rs. 30,000.00


Course Structure:                                                            Full Syllabus download

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