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Training & Placement

Training & Placement

The transition from university to professional life is a milestone! Your imminent graduation and the search for your first “real” job mark the beginning of a new and a significant stage in your life. The goal of your search should be to find a situation that supports your onward progress in life, and where you feel appreciated and comfortable in short, a job that you will find satisfying in all respects. University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya, Training and Placement Division is fully equipped to render all the necessary assistance for you to make students job search meaningful. By connecting to external organizations, the Placement Office endeavours to bring a broad spectrum of opportunities to satisfy the diverse requirements and aspirations of the students. The training and placement division in coordination with the University Finishing School comes together to blend in both Job ready skills and value education. The below policy will highlight the framework that governs the student’s involvement in the various aspects of the placement processes.


The University would facilitate final placement of its students undergoing UG/PG Programme basis fulfilling the below mentioned criteria:

i. Successfully completed the semester examinations/course with no backlogs.

ii. Satisfactory conduct with no disciplinary action throughout the program.

iii. The entire requisite fee has been paid to the University.

iv. Good attendance record in their courses and has good participation in Placement Activities (Guest Lectures/ Seminars/ Conferences/ Industry Visits etc).

v. 90% attendance in the proposed trainings conducted as part of University Finishing School as per clause 2 of this document.

vi. Graduating students who wish to pursue their startup ambitions instead of seeking placements, may seek deferment from the on-campus placement process by obtaining formal approvals from their respective Dean, CIE and final approval from Vice Chancellor by 31st August of the year in which the applicable placement process starts.

vii. The University placement office will attempt to find suitable opportunities for deferred-students who return to request placement support within 12 months of their graduation date. Placement support to such students will be made on a best- attempt basis without any assurances or guarantees.

Placement Process:

i. University of Science and Technology Meghalaya will follow a rolling placement process starting August every year. The placement process will have the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the recruiting organizations. It will broadly comprise of the following steps:

ii. Recruiting companies will inform the University about their requirements, role descriptions, eligibility norms and the remuneration packages being offered.

iii. These details will be shared with students through the Placement Committee. Students will be able to decide about participating in the company’s recruitment process depending upon their interest, suitability, specializations and career interests.

iv. Resumes of interested and/or suitable students will be sent to the recruiting organization, basis which the company will notify a shortlist of students.

v. Shortlisted students will be informed about the selection process which may include one or more of the following: Personal or online Assessment, Telephonic interview, Skype Interview, Case Discussion, Group Discussion, Multiple rounds of Interviews. These may be conducted on the University’s campus or at other premises to be chosen by the company.

vi. Students may be required to go to the company’s office or other pool campus Locations for final placements as may be decided by the company.

vii. After the Pre-Placement talk for Final Placement, student/s can withdraw his/her candidature. Once the company’s placement process commences, students will not be allowed to withdraw. Any withdrawal will result in debarring the student from the 212
placement assistance process.

viii. It shall be mandatory for short-listed students to appear for the interview. Absence from the interview would result in debarring such student(s) from the placement assistance process.

ix. In the event of students appearing for multiple recruiting companies’ selection process for final placement, it would be mandatory for the student(s) to accept the first offer and join that company.

x. If a student gets a pre-placement offer (PPO) from an Organisation, he/she will be considered as campus placed and will not eligible for further placement assistance from the University.

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