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School of Allied Medical Sciences

University College of Physiotherapy & Research

Academic Focus: Bachelor of Physiotherapy course deals with the assessment, planning and implementation of rehabilitation programs. This course helps the student to strengthen the foundation by having clear understanding of subject and importance of hands on technique to cure the pain of the patient. The practical approach for assessment, diagnosis and treatment with the association of outdoor facilities available in college make them learn to connect the theoretical and clinical concepts together. Towards the end of the programme the students can independently practice and are enriched with theoretical and clinical knowledge and can better understand the patient’s pain and even help people at any stage of life in every sphere of society. Master of Physiotherapy program aims to prepare postgraduate students towards his/her professional autonomy and inculcate the concept of research and evidence-based practice. The program also aims to incorporate the concept of management in Physiotherapy and experience in clinical training, and undergraduate teaching partly, to acquaint the student with the concept of quality care at the institutional as well as the community level.

Career Scope: Physical therapy is one of the most popular courses in modern medicine world over and through the academic era spread over decades. Physiotherapy is a health care profession which views human movements as central to the health and well- being of an individual. It is the system of treatment of disease and disability using physical exercises, electrotherapeutic modalities and manual therapy techniques with referral and first contact clinical practice.
It is the most important rehabilitative service needed in a community and a vital therapeutic supplement of the medical profession integral to the treatment of most patients. Physiotherapists are as essential as doctors in helping to recover and rehabilitate a patient. They must have a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and the way the bones, muscles and nerves move. Physiotherapists treat a wide range of ailments, so specialization is possible in areas such as Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Orthopedics, Sports Physical Therapy, Neurology, Clinical Electro Physiology, Cardiopulmonary Therapy, Hand Rehab, Biomechanics, Manual Therapy, Gynecology and Ergonomics. Physiotherapists have a wide range of scope in India as well as in abroad. Physiotherapists are appointed in hospitals with a role also in critical care, early intervention program with the national health delivery system, primary health centres, educational institutions, research centers, special schools, community centers and in sports teams. The job of a physiotherapist, which is preventive, restorative and rehabilitative, is challenging but lucrative at the same time.

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