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Research Guides

List of Research Guides for School of Business Sciences (2021 B Batch)

Sl No Name of the Course Discipline Specialization
1 Dr. Amit Choudhury
E-mail: amich1970@gmail.com
Business Administration H.R, E-Learning, Business Administration
2 Dr. Rashmi Baruah
E-Mail: rashmichangkakoty@gmail.com
Business Administration Human Resource Management
3 Dr. Nurujjaman Laskar
E-mail: nurujjamanl@gmail.com
Business Administration Productivity , Production Management, E-Marketing
4 Dr. Parbin Sultana
97075 00788
E-mail: drparbinsultana@gmail.com
Business Administration Business Statistics
5 Prof. Sujit Sikidar
E-mail: sujitsikidar@gmail.com
Commerce Accountancy and Finance
6 Dr. Abdur Rashid
E-mail: marashidmcomllb@gmail.com
Commerce Accountancy
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