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USTM Students offered relief to 50k+ families during lockdown @ COVID 19

USTM Students offered relief to 50k+ families during lockdown @ COVID 19

Baridua, Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya, Thursday, 17th  May 2020: During the crucial situation of crisis occured due to the National Lockdown imposed by the Government of India to prevent the spread of the deadly Covid-19, the students of USTM  have stood up as a ray of hope for many helpless and needy people under the scheme ‘USTM Mission Outreach to Needy @Covid-19.’ A large number of USTM students have till now shown an overwhelming positive response to the appeal made by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to help atleast 4 needy people of every individual’s locality. Shri Mahbubul Hoque, Hon’ble Chancellor, USTM, encouraged every Students of USTM to make the Prime Minister’s appeal a grand success. Shri Hoque, through a facebook live video, stressed on the fact that it should be the basic social responsibility of all the students to help the poor and needy people during such crucial situation.


“Since a large proportion of the population in our region are dependent on daily basis income, it has now become really difficult for them to meet their basic needs,” Shri Hoque stated. It is worth mentioning here that Shri Hoque on behalf of the ERD Foundation and USTM personally took part in various relief drives held during the lockdown which covered almost 5000 needy families of Guwahati and Ri-bhoi district of Meghalaya.All the students of USTM are now following the path of the Indian Prime Minister and have been providing food and relief materials to the needy families of their own respective localities. They have already covered more then 50 thousand families till date. Although Modi ji appealed to all the individuals to help atleast 4 needy people of their neighbourhood, few of the USTM students willingly went up to provide food materials to even 100 needy people of their respective locality at one go, which is definitely  a major boostup to the overall outreach mission of USTM @Covid 19. Shri Hoque made it clear that after the reopening of the University, all the students will have to submit a report where they will have to mention the number of needy people they covered in the outreach mission, list of food materials distributed and amount of money spent. A report format for the same has been already made available via the official facebook page of the institution. While making the appeal to the students for the outreach drive @Covid19inspired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Hoque mentioned ,” Serving the needy people during their difficult time is the only way to serve the Almighty.”Since the students of USTM are spread across different parts of Northeast India, it has been helpful for them to cover a large part of the seven sisters.The students were highly motivated by the appeal of Modiji and are now competing among themselves to serve more and more poor people. Although the USTM students have covered 50,000+ families till now, Shri Hoque encouraged the students to set a target of providing food materials to atleast 1 lakh needy families.

The extension drive carried out by the USTM students during this crucial period of time has been well appreciated by many persons belonging to various field. Shri Hoque also requested all the other institutions to come forward in order to help the helpless people in this time of crisis as it will be difficult for the government alone to help every needy individuals. He further stated that after reopening, performance of the students in this aspect will be evaluated and due recognition will be given to them.

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