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USTM Launches Driving School for Women

GUWAHATI, 8 March, 2018: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a driving school for women has been launched today by the University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya (USTM) as a part of its community college initiative. Named “USTM Women’s Driving School: An Outreach Initiative of ERDF”, the initiative aims at empowering women, especially those who are economically weak, school dropouts, widows, single mothers and the like by enabling them to earn a living by taking driving as a profession. Open for all women, the course will include both practical, theory and personality development classes. The ceremonial launch at USTM was honoured by Prof. Jeane W Anastas from Silver School of Social Work, New York University, Prof Yasmin Saikia and Dr Chad Haines from Arizona State University, USA, and Guwahati-based entrepreneur Meghali Bora.

“With the view of women empowerment on the International Women’s Day, the programme begins from today with enrollment of students. Along with others, our faculty members and students who are willing can also avail this course. We are recruiting efficient lady instructors for the training”, said Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor of USTM and Chairman of ERD Foundation, Guwahati. He said that Meghali Bora, who is the Managing Director of a city based driving institute, will be the Director of the school at USTM.

Meghali Bora, Director of the driving school, said that a driving course from USTM will add significance to the course and this is a bold initiative taken for the first time by a University in the region. “We are keeping minimum age of joining the school as 18. It is an appeal from USTM and its parent orgaisation ERDF to all who want to recruit a woman driver to contact us after completion of course of the first batch”, she said. Apart from driving, the course will also include training on minimum skills such as changing a tire, etc.

The course offered by USTM includes five stages. There will be orientation classes for 3 to 5 days that will be followed by hands on practical lessons by female trainers for 10 days. This will be followed by 10 days’ training on communication skill, ethics and professionalism. Then there will be practical test of 200 marks and then exams of 100 marks will be taken. After the exams, USTM will also arrange Internship for the students for 10 days after which certificates will be awarded. The University will also help the students in placement with women employers. Classes will begin from 15 March 2018

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