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USTM begins plantation drive to go green

9th Mile, 21 June 2018: As part of its outreach activities, the University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya today planted hundreds of bottle palm and bokul trees along the Killing road which starts from in 9th Mile, GS Road and runs through Ri Bhoi district. The plantation drive has been initiated by the University authorities today. More than hundred students along with teachers from the neighbouring Delhi Public School, Khanapara also participated enthusiastically in the plantation drive.

Leading the plantation drive, M. Hoque, the Chancellor of USTM addressed the participating school children, community leaders and local people of the area. Speaking to a large and appreciating gathering in 9th Mile, Mr Hoque said that people should not always look for the Government to improve the environment of a locality. “It is the duty of all who use this road to keep it clean and green. Together we can make our nation environment friendly”, he said. He added that plantation of bottle palm trees would not only beautify the road, but it would also help prevent erosion apart from many other benefits of this rare quality tree. The plants, which have been brought from Hyderabad, would contribute immensely for a long term effect due to the long life span of bottle palm trees.

Choosing bottle palm variety for roadside plantation will add to the landscape. This type of plant doesn’t get very tall and are very slow growers. It takes a long time for these palm trees to get the actual bottle shape. They start out with no real bulge at all. As they mature, the bottle shape starts to take form. The older they get the more the bottle shape elongates. The leaves take a long time to form and unroll.

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