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Panel Discussion on Youth, Politics and Corruption at NEGC 2017

While explaining the purpose of holding a panel discussion on Youth, Corruption and Politics, Mr. Hoque stated “there is a sense of apathy amongst the young generation that politics is all about corruption, foul play and money laundering. This widespread negativity can be altered if professionally trained, educated and intelligent students enter in politics and for that political reformation is needed. And USTM can be a path-finder & NEGC as a springboard towards that end “. The speakers were Mr. R G Lyngdoh VC, Martin Luthar Christian University, Mr. Wasbir Hussain, Mr. Debobrata Saikia from INC, Mr. Dilip Borah, Vice President, AGP, Mr. Debodutta Borkakoti from BJP, Mr. Paul Lyngdoh from UDP, Abdur Rahman from AIDUF.

All the leaders had opined that corruption does exist in politics and this is the high time when youth must be encouraged to join in politics to usher a shift from corruption to development. Mr. R G Lyngdoh VC, Martin Luthar Christian University had suggested that we no longer live in the age of British Colonial rule and the genesis of corruption in politics lies in power and people who are at the helm of state affairs need to be divested of absolute power. Mr. Mahbubul Hoque, chancellor, USTM had pointed out in his suggestion that aging politicians should be replaced by the youth so that the number of representations of the youth at both the Houses in Parliament can be increased. He had also lamented that while the ruling government talks about all inclusiveness and does not vouch for Muslim candidate at the election.

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