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NEGC-2017 held successfully at USTM.

The most acclaimed flagship program patronized by ERD Foundation, 4th North East Graduate Congress 2017 was organized from 17th to 19th February, 2017 with a huge success. The event has been a platform for around ten thousand graduates across all corners of the North East Region. The main aim of it was to prepare and enhance all round development of the future graduates who are appearing in the final year degree examination through various life skill sessions by renowned counselors & experts from different domains across the country.

This three days event had started with a Science Model Exhibition which was inaugurated by Prof. Dhiraj Bora, Vice Chancellor of Assam Science & Technology University in presence of Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, Former Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University & CV Raman Chair Professor of Applied Sciences of USTM; Shri M. Hoque, Chancellor, USTM; Dr. P. G. Rao, Vice Chancellor, USTM and many other high level dignitaries and renowned academicians. This Science model exhibition was organized to encourage the scientific temperament among students and to bring out the creativity and innovation among them and as expected, the response was overwhelming. Best models were judged who were awarded on the valedictory session of the Congress.

On the second day of the event, amidst a packed audience at USTM Techno City Campus, more than ten thousand students have witnessed the gala beginning of 4th North East Graduate Congress with the cultural manifestations of eight sister states of NE Region. Each state of North East- Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal, Tripura and Sikkim were represented by the students of 40 communities belonging to NE Region, each state displaying indigenous cultural presentation with indigenous costume and clothing. The majestic Techno City Campus saw a scintillating display of India’s rich cultural diversity and artistic and cultural heritage of North East Region. The purpose is to project North East not just as a land of insurgency or militancy for all, but as a symbol of progress, wealth and natural and cultural diversity.

While addressing the gathering by delivering a welcome speech by Dr. P G Rao asserted once again “innovation, entrepreneurship and research, these three epithets signify University of Science & Technology of Meghalaya and hence we are determined to continue with this process of achieving excellence in all sphere”. Dr. Dhruba J. Saikia, Vice Chancellor of Cotton College State University, had emphasized that youths are the leaders of tomorrow and so that need to be trained and guided with proper care. “For me education can be complete only when moral values can be inculcated to the students and it’s disheartening that the highest post of the institutions VC has been the subject of corruption”. And for that universities must take up social responsibility”. Dr. Mridul Hazarika, VC, Gauhati University stated that the basic motto of higher education should be to create an ambience for comfortability and youth power of North East must be encouraged through quality education. He also said that only through youth workforce, the sense of alienation amongst the North Easterners can be minimized.

Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, chief guest of the inauguration, former Union Minister of DoNER and Chairman, NEC Secretariat had asserted that North East states holds a tremendous potential. But that potential or the developmental process in the NE Region is being constructed by the borders of Bangladesh, China, Myanmar. However, if that potential can be rightly tapped and executed through proper planning, North East can be another super power in the ASEAN Countries. North East has got everything- natural resources, youth potential, bio-diversity hotspots but the fact remains that the people of North East must integrate, must work united so that the maximum benefits can be reaped up.

He had also expressed that with the course of time, North Easterners are gradually coming out of their shells and started exploring opportunities beyond NE Region. “in my days Delhi University had hardly any students from NE bur now NE students are taking the vanguard in the institutions, colleges, workplaces in other major cities. He also emphasized “the days have gone when North Easterners used to languish in a sense of alienation because of geographical, social and cultural barriers between the North East and the rest of the country. Thanks to the aftermath of globalization and economic liberalization which UPA government had initiated in early 90s, North Easterners had also started realizing that this seclusion from the mainstream will not bring about anything except retrogression and under-development and that’s why a huge number of youngsters from North East get enrolled in different institutions in other major cities every year and venture into looking for job opportunities in other states.

Sh. Mahbubul Hoque, Chairman, ERDF stated that NEGC at USTM has been turned into a place for counseling, a place for cultural exchange, competitive culture. USTM is determined to create socially responsible human being through education”.“We want to create an ambience in USTM where there will be boundaries, borders beyond cultural, social, geographical exteriors”- Mr. Hoque stated. He had also announced that the graduates who are not financially well off but passed out with good percentage will be given free education, if they are so willing.

While explaining the purpose of holding a panel discussion on Youth, Corruption and Politics, Mr. Hoque stated “there is a sense of apathy amongst the young generation that politics is all about corruption, foul play and money laundering. This widespread negativity can be altered if professionally trained, educated and intelligent students enter in politics and for that political reformation is needed. And USTM can be a path-finder & NEGC as a springboard towards that end “. The speakers were Mr. R G Lyngdoh Vice Chancellor, Martin Luthar Christian University, Mr. Wasbir Hussain, Mr. Debobrata Saikia from INC, Mr. Debobrata Borkakoti from BJP, Mr. Paul Lyngdoh from UDP and moderated by senior journalist Shri Mrinal Talukdar. The valedictory session was graced by former Governor of Meghalaya Shri R. S. Mooshahary.

Everyone present had praised and appreciated the efforts and initiatives taken by the foundation to organize such a great event to bring all North Eastern students in one common platform. University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya and Regional Institute of Science & Technology which are the dream projects of ERD Foundation, have already laid its mark through its continuous improvement in academic excellence, research activities, extra-curricular activities, international seminars, workshops, faculty exchange program, students’ exchange program, visit by the luminaries of our society. Its acceptance and popularity can be assessed by the high amount of growing expectations that the students of North East Region and those renowned persona who have visited USTM & RIST on numerous occasions, have thrust on both USTM & RIST.

The best graduate award went to Mr. A Misban Hanif from Modern College, Imphal. The Best Graduate Competition was conceptualized to assess an all round assessment of the participating students in terms of their personality, academic credentials, extracurricular and co-curricular activities, general awareness, creativity and clarity of thoughts. The students of Gauhati University received the award for Best Quiz team. Rangia College, Kamrup was declared as Best Participating College along with Hamidabad College and Dhakuakhana College. Modern College, Imphal was judged as the most disciplined college. They were awarded with attractive cash prizes, memento, lap top and mobile phones.

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