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International Conference on “Juvenile Justice System: Issues and Challenges”



Baridua, 9th Mile, Meghalaya, 19th June 2021: An International Conference was held on the topic “Juvenile Justice System: Issues and Challenges” organised by University of Science and Technology Alumni Association (USTAA), Meghalaya through zoom platform at 4pm.

The conference was initiated by Mr. Zayed Choudhury, Executive Member, University of Science and Technology Alumni Association (USTAA), Meghalaya & Convener followed by welcome address delivered by Mr. Sankar Sinha, General Secretary, USTAA. While delivering welcome address Mr. Sankar Sinha expressed his concern that juvenile delinquency is a huge problem of social concern. Recently, in India over 9,300 children lost their parents due to COVID-19 pandemic. If the government does not make suitable policy for them there would be a high probability in increase of the number of juvenile delinquent. Criminal behavior or delinquency among the children can be controlled before it becomes dangerous to the society. Our society follows reformation and rehabilitation approach so that the future of the delinquent can be secured to become a good citizen. Although the law is always fairly progressive but still it has certain gaps, issues and challenges that needs to be duly addressed.

Out of 595 registered participants for the conference 478 participants actively participated through the zoom link along with the dignitaries of the University and invited Keynote Speaker Prof. Subhram Rajkhowa, Professor & Former Head of P. G. Department of Law, Gauhati University & Resource Person Dr. Sachin Ghimire, Medical Anthropologist & a Filmmaker, Nepal. The dignitaries present in the conference were Prof. G. D. Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr R. K. Sharma, advisor, Dr. B. K. Das, Director Administration, Mrs. Anju Hazarika, Registrar, Dr. Ajmal Barbhuiya, Academic Registrar, Dr. Nurujjaman Laskar, Controller of Examination, Ms Polly Borgohain, Director, University Classes, Mr. Shamim Akhtarul Goney, Mr. Angshuman Dutta, Deputy Registrar, Dean of Schools, Head of the Departments, USTM along with teaching and non-teaching staff of the USTM.

Welcome address followed by delivery of keynote address by Prof. Subhram Rajkhowa where he delivered sky high talk on the topic Juvenile Justice System: Issues and Challenges. He outlined on historical development of international and national law on juvenile and various relevant points such as on colonial era to present time issues and challenges on juvenile justice administration mechanism through the important provisions of the Constitution of India and also focused on important provisions of Indian Penal Code. He also highlighted on defective provisions of the correctional institutions.

Dr. R.K. Sharma, advisor, USTM, while delivering message to the participants focused on certain important relevant issues, factors of juvenile in conflict with law and juvenile in needs of care and protection.

After that the technical session started by the deliberation of resource person Dr. Sachin Ghimire where he has narrated and outlined on the various provisions of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 with reference to judicial interpretation.

After the end of the technical session it was followed by question & answer session, various questions raised by the several participants of the conference which was fruitfully answered by the resource persons.

Presidential address delivered by Prof. G. D. Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, USTM where he appreciated the conference and even enlightened with a perspective how society plays a pertinent role in enduring juvenile justice in the country. Finally, conference ended with vote of thanks by Mr. Arshad Firdous, President, USTAA.

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