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International Biodiversity Day celebrated at USTM

Along with the rest of the world the department of Botany, University of Science & Technology, and Meghalaya has celebrated the International Biodiversity Day on May 22, 2017 at the techno city, 9th mile. The International Biodiversity Day is celebrated all over the World every year on May 22nd to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. Prof Pradeep Sarma, Associate Professor, department of Geography, Cotton University was present as a distinguished speaker on the occasion along with Dr PG Rao, Vice Chancellor, USTM higher academic and administrative officials, deans, HoD’s, faculty members and the students.
In his address to the audience, Prof Pradeep Sarma stressed on the different aspects of biodiversity and its conservation with series of facts and figures. He said that by maintaining a simple life style we can conserve biodiversity, as North east is very rich in it. Prof Sarma also emphasized on recycling and stressed on the promotion of tourism industry which is the only eco- friendly industry.
Dr P G Rao, the Vice Chancellor, USTM said that the students from all discipline should come forward and use their particular field of knowledge for conservation of biodiversity. India and especially North East is very rich in biodiversity but the awareness about its conservation is less among the people, sometimes unknowingly we are destroying and polluting our environment. He urged the students to work for the awareness about the biodiversity in our region.
The first issue of the newsletter IMPIANTO 2017, published by the department Botany is also released on the occasion.

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