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Be Bold for Change – Celebration of Women’s day at University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya

8th March, 2017, USTM, Meghalaya : This is the day when Women of New York first raised their voice against gender discrimination, gender inequality, right for vote and right for decent salary at their workplace in the year 1917, 8th March in the capital of Russian Empire, Petrograd. A host of women textile workers staged demonstration for their rights and that precipitated the impetus for Russian Revolution which culminated in the abdication of Russian Tsar Nicholas II and Tsar dynasty was collapsed. The provisional Government granted women the right to vote and March 8 was declared a national holiday in the Soviet Russia in 1917. The day was predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.
Along with the nation, the University of Science & Technology Meghalaya had celebrated Women’s Day. The catch epithet was “be bold for change”. The department of Rural Development & department of Social Work at University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya had celebrated Women’s Day with the women of Jorbil Village and Maswami village of Baridua. The department of Rural Development, USTM had also opened a centre for rural development at Jorbil Village of Kling Road, Baridua to offer training and guidance for the village women. They will be motivated and encouraged by the students and faculties of the department to take up all challenges or problems that they facing in their day to day life, be it social, political or otherwise- stated Dr. Papiya Dutta, HoD, MRMD. Afterwards, the women of the Jorbil village and Maswani village had set an exhibition cum sale of their local products at the Amenity Centre, USTM today. Many such initiatives were taken by both the department to empower the rural women of the neighboring villages of the university through various entrepreneurship and skill development training. It was followed by an interactive session with the village women who had participated in the program where they were inspired to be bold and come forward to bring about a change in the society, change for a better living, better understanding of their own inherent potentiality by the grace of which they can eke out a decent living, also they were made aware of social anomalies like gender inequality, how the women were suppressed and different phases of women’s movement following which Women’s day was recognized.
Earlier the department of Social Work, USTM had opened an Adult Education Centre where the rural women were being given basic education so that they can come forward and take decisions on their own and they can be economically self-sufficient.

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