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A National Webinar organized by the Department of Computer Science & Electronics on the topic “Why Soft Skills are Crucial in Today’s Competitive Market”

National Webinar on “Why Soft Skills are Crucial in Today’s Competitive Market”

Baridua, 9th Mile, Meghalaya, 10th June 2021: The Department of Computer Science & Electronics had organized a National Webinar “Why Soft Skills are Crucial in Today’s Competitive Market” on 10th June 2021.

The Speaker was Prof. Avinash Singh, Founder and CEO, Linkages.

The Speaker talked about the importance of soft skills, defining them as skills that enable someone to fit in at a workplace. He also elaborated the most important soft skills that employers generally look for in an employee.

He mentioned that the most important skill in today’s competitive world is communication skills. How well an employee communicates within and outside the organization is a direct reflection of the person’s personality.

Another important skill that is Speaker touched upon was adaptability to a new environment. He stressed on the necessity of having a working knowledge of the local language of a place in order to work more effectively.

He also talked about the role positive attitude plays on stress management, which is a constant an inevitable part of any work environment.

Lastly, the Speaker briefed on the skill of teamwork, for employers always look for job candidates who can work well with others. This includes collaboration, dealing with difficult situations and social skills.

Our Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. G.D. Sharma also delivered a lecture regarding the importance of soft skills in students’ career.

Next Advisor Dr. R.K. Sharma briefly elaborated on how communication is done in workplace.

Total participants were 195 from various organizations and institutes across India.

Finally, Ms. Daisy Sharmah has offered the Vote of Thanks.

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