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Academic Focus:

The Master of Arts (MA) programme in Education reflects new areas of development in this discipline. Starting from the context of students and then move to local, National and International aspects, this discipline aims to combine the broadening of students horizon with a sharpening of their intellectual skills and knowledge through the study of composite discipline of Education. USTM in order to cater to the needs and demand of Education discipline at Post Graduate level is set to offer MA in Education from under school of Social Sciences and Humanities Psychology is best defined as the science of behavior and cognitive process. Every aspects of mental life are related to psychology. Modern human life encounters various stress and problems such as problem related to education, health environment, intergroup relations, marital relations, daily life hassles etc. The field of psychology deals in providing interventions at individual level as well as group level that is needed to bring changes in human life and provide relief by easing the tension caused due to various problems that human beings are facing today by providing effective solution. This Bachelor programme in Psychology (B.A) includes both theoretical and practical exposure along with internship programme and field visit to various related organization such as Rehabilitation centres, shelter homes, de-addiction centres, NGO’s, educational set up etc.

Career Scope:

Students can select diverse fields of specialization which would help in career opportunities in the field of education. Education is offered as Major and general in undergraduate level in most of the Degree colleges and as Discipline at Post Graduate level both at Public and very few Private Universities in NE region of the country. Psychologists play an active role in designing and executing intervention programme with a view to provide better quality of life to human beings. Realising the vital and active role that a Psychologist can play, quite a good number of psychologist are seen working in diverse areas such as schools , hospital settings, industries organization set up, prisons, military establishment family and social welfare, shelter homes, rehabilitation centres, etc. An appropriate number of psychologists are also seen doing private practice as consultants and counsellors to help people in solving problems concerned areas. The job opportunities after completing M.A. education :- 1] Lecturer 2] Social Worker 3] Journalist 4] Counselor 5] Market Survey Research 6] Social Researcher 7] Social Critic 8] Human Resource Manager 9] Sociologist


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