Center for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE)

Center for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE)

Looking at our progress, we further got assistance of Rs.35,00,000 recurring grant for 10 student projects and Rs. 47,50,000 for 15 student projects for 2nd yearin 2019. We have students in 50% departments who come up with innovative ideas in various field of Applied and Basic Sciences for the sanction. List of projects done is attached as an upload.

We also conducted various activities for strengthening the ecosystem of innovation:

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness camps July,Aug,Sept 2018 of 3 days each
  • Establishing MOUs with neighboring industries and conducting industrial visits
  • Participation in Innovation Conclaves 2019 and received innovation awards uploaded
  • Faculty are encouraged with financial support for seminar, workshop and training.
  • PG students visiting other institutes for project offered financial support.

A Central Diary farm implemented in campus to produce milk for students and generate manure for horticulture and pisciculture with recycled vegetable waste. Ducks released in the pond fed with organic manure which in turn helps fish breeding. Social outreach visits helped identify project areas. We set up an Organic Market for villagers in Campus.